Cooling Cups,double Wall Gel Freezer Mug


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A favorite super large capacity frozen mug | Reusable Frozen Ice Cup

This ice cup has a huge capacity of 19 ounces. It is your best choice to keep your drink cool during the hot summer months.

Whether you are a person, reading a book or a movie at home, enjoy leisurely personal time. Still play with your good buddies, happily playing games, and have a good weekend. This ice cup will keep your drink cool for a long time. You can pour any drink you like into the cup, such as cola, soda, juice, beer, coffee, cocktails, etc. It will keep your drink at a temperature that will make you feel cool.

How to Use:
1: Hand wash for best results – We do not recommend putting these mugs in the dishwasher, as the heat may cause the gel to separate
2: Put the cup in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours, then take it out and add your favorite drink. -The gel inside freezes and will keep your favorite drinks cool.

※1: Do not put the cooling cup in the microwave
※2: Do not pour hot water into the cooling cup
※3: Please clean the cooling cup by hand, do not use the dishwasher.